Industrial Scrap Metal is one of the Bakersfield's largest metal scrapers and recyclers facilities collect, broker, process and recycle metal, both ferrous and nonferrous metal. 

Our integrated system makes it possible for the delivery of refined steels to steel mills and also factories all over the world for new items because of our strategically situated facilities. 
Best services we provide:

Bakersfield Metal Recycling

Industrial Scrap Metal is one of the greatest scrap metal enterprises in the entire area of Bakersfield, specialized in all aspects of ferrous, and non-ferrous. We are also dealing professionally with precious metal scrap analysis, processing, transportation, and storage.

Demolition Contractors in Bakersfield, Ca

Industrial Scrap Metal provides safe and trusted demolition and dismantling services in entire Bakersfield. We are offering an experienced team to tackle your interior demolition project, whether you are remodeling a home or commercial property. Whether for industrial or industrial demolition demands, storage tank elimination or any various other numbers of opportunities, all it takes is a quick phone call to your structure demolition specialist to supply you with the quick as well as reliable solutions in Los Angeles you need. We possess and run a fleet of excavators, excavators, skid-steer loaders, and also vehicles to ensure we have the right devices to finish any kind of job of demolition.

Bakersfield Car Recycling

We work with a worldwide network of suppliers and customers as well as use a professional group to provide you peace of mind by getting rid of your scrap vehicles. Our committed, as well as experienced firm is honored to offer detailed vehicle recycling services for both residential as well as industrial consumers in Los Angeles. We can gather your junk automobile for disposal.

We ensure that your scrap cars and truck will certainly go through the appropriate recycling process and that you obtain the fair market price for your junk vehicle. Those old junk autos that are in your backyard, or even the car you are driving that is on its last leg, bring them to us or call us. You may obtain more money for scrapping your auto than trading it in. We approve junk vehicles with tires, gas and also batteries.

Appliance Recycling in Bakersfield, Ca

Home appliance recycling is the procedure of dismantling waste residence devices and ditching their components for reuse. Major devices typically referred to as "white goods". Home appliances usually have a life-span of 10 to 18 years. When appliances get to the end of their beneficial life they are changed. However, when properly recycled, significant home appliances tackle brand-new worth and also decrease environmental impact. When devices are reused, they can be looked upon as valuable resources. If devices are thrown away improperly, home appliances can become ecologically unsafe and poison environments. We are the most credible and also trustworthy for appliance recycling. We have a name for reuses as well as correctly get rid of all Bakersfield home appliances. We lug full contamination lawful responsibility insurance so you never have to worry. We handle all the threats related to appliance disposal and recycling.

Copper Recycling in  Bakersfield, Ca

Copper is a soft, malleable, and pliable metal with very high thermal and electric conductivity. Copper is utilized as a conductor of heat as well as power. Copper rates as the third-most-consumed commercial metal on the planet, after iron and lightweight aluminum. Copper is used to making electrical cords, telecommunication cables, and electronics. Copper is likewise used in the manufacturing of electric generators and also electric motors, electrical wiring, as well as electronic items, such as radio as well as Television.