Copper Recycling in Santa Monica, Ca

What is Copper?

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is used as a conductor of heat and electricity. Copper ranks as the third-most-consumed industrial metal in Santa Monica,California, after iron and aluminum. Copper is used to make electrical wires, telecommunication cables and electronics. Copper is also used in the production of electrical generators and motors, electrical wiring, and electronic goods, such as radios and televisions. 
Santa Monica, CA Copper Recycling

Forms of Copper that are recycled in Santa Monica

  • Copper Solids Recycled
  • Copper Sludge Recycled
  • Copper Residue Recycled 
  • Copper Powder Recycled
  • Catalyst Recycled
  • Foundry Byproducts Recycled

Our Goal for Copper Recycling

Industrial Scrap Metal of Santa Monica provides the foremost customer service while creating a positive environmental impact on our community. We strive to educate and assist our customers with their copper recycling needs. With our fair and competitive prices, we make it simple to recycle copper with the assurance our customers deserve. We look forward to being your connection to a greener environment.

Why Copper Recycling is needed in Santa Monica?

Copper is the third leading metal. Copper usage is rapidly expanding. Most raw materials have alloys being added to the base metal while Copper is more often used in a pure form. Common terms and information in recycling copper are:
  • Bare bright Recycling: 

  • Insulated Heavy or MCM Recycling

  • Copper Radiator Recycling

  • Copper Bearing - Recycling

  • Bare Bright wire is expected to be very clean and pure. 
  • Insulated Heavy or MCM wire has excellent recovery and usually is very close in price with #2 copper.
  • Insulated Heavy wire is uncommon but still recycled.
  • Romex wire is used in wiring homes and is considered a mid recovery insulated grade.
  • Copper Radiators are a combination of copper and brass. These are being less commonly used in modern vehicles. 
  • Copper Bearing is low recovery copper that includes motors and other electronic devices. Prices are extremely lower than other copper items.
Our copper processing is fueled by material that we purchase from businesses in a variety of industries. We make efforts to deal with industries around the world to sell recycled copper. We make it as easy as possible for companies to handle recycled copper. Our copper processing has provided materials for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, electrical, heating and cooling, transportation, shipbuilding, and the military. Our customers rely on us for quality industrial copper. 

Why choose Industrial Scrap Metal?

We offer walk-in recycling and a container/box drop-off and pickup service in Santa Monica. Our service is fast and reliable and our prices are smart than others. We help both businesses and the general public with their recycling needs in Santa Monica. We will evaluate your material, pick it up anywhere in the world and find the best consumer for it. Whether buying or reselling metal, we have met the challenges of the industry. We help our customers to save money and build alternate revenue streams from their scrap through competitive pricing. We are certified and licensed in recycling copper. By recycling metals such as copper, aluminum and steel we are reducing the number of mines that need to be open to extract these precious metals from the Earth.